blog-about-me-travelHello, I am Kishor and I write on this blog. I live in Bengaluru and I am a weekend/short-term traveler. I have been a technical writer since 2012 and that’s my pathetic attempt at a selfie.

Traveling solo is my favorite kind of travel and I am here to write my travel stories. Over the years, I have traveled around India, Sri Lanka, and I have volunteered with a bunch of nice people in a village near Mysore. 


What is Kishkindhaa?

Kishkindhaa is an ancient name for Hampi. Yes that place you do before or after that Goa trip. Kishkindhaa existed before Hampi did on the Anjaneya hills. Trekking companies arrange bouldering expeditions to that place.

It was inhabited by little people who looked ape-like and ruled by King Sugriva (who looked ape-like). Lord Hamunan, another ape-human was born here they say. The name appealed to me and it is the name of my blog, Kishkindhaa where I write about places of interest.

This will be better than my old blog.

What old blog?

Kishkindhaa is old wine in a new bottle. What do I mean? This blog came about because I let me old blog expire and I forgot to take a backup of my blog.

Which is kind of nice thing to happen because I am getting to visit my old posts and give it treatment.

I started a blog on the free version of WordPress to chronicle my travels.

In April of 2016, I bought hosting from Bluehost and moved all my posts from the free version of WordPress to the self-hosted version.

Things were going okay with the blog. Meanwhile I traveled to Sri Lanka in May and I took a trip around India in June.

In November, my website was performing slowly and I decided to get a refund for months not used (one year subscription) and go with Siteground.

Siteground was pretty fast and my blogging journey was happening smoothly. But it expired in November of 2017.

However, I could not afford the renewal price. Always check the renewal price if you are concerned about it. Do not fall for the sign up offers (usually the cost of entry is lessened to invite signups). More on it in a post dedicated to choosing hosting.

Backups of my old blog

So why am I starting all over again when I had enough content on my old blog?

I did not backup my site. Big mistake. Always backup your website/blog.

I requested Siteground to let me in for a day so that I can backup. A request they gladly accepted and they let me in.

I took a backup from my cpanel but I could not upload it to my new blog and neither to a new WordPress blog I created.

After giving up and started looking for an inexpensive hosting that would perform just as good as it did with Siteground.

I discovered Hostmyblog. I Twitter chatted, and emailed them back and forth. Their basic plan costs only ₹1000 or almost $16 per year.

Their customers raved about them on Twitter and they said nice things. I immediately signed up with them and I have been blogging here ever since.

Featured Image Source: Painted stork

What’s in this blog?

In this blog, you will get travel stories and travel guides. There are not enough posts to prove that I can provide value, but in the future all you will get is valuable content.

That’s about it for now. If I come up with more nice things, I will keep you informed. Sign up for blog updates with your email using the form below. Go on! I insist!